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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have no idea why Redbox didn't use the original movie poster. 

Redbox Art
Original Movie Art

Redbox Synopsis: Forced to take refuge from a deadly tornado, the Maguire family finds shelter in an abandoned storm cellar. As the storm passes, the family tries to make their way out only to realize that someone or something, not quite human, is holding them captive. Struggling to get out alive, they soon realize that they aren't alone. Rated R 122 minutes

[Note to Reader: This review will be spoiler free]

After watching Nailbiter last night, I was conflicted, the story is paced well, the movie creates tension well and is a generally a scary film, however, it ends at what I assume is the beginning of the sequel leaving too many questions unanswered. The open ending isn't typical of a horror film (i.e. the villain/badguy/monster is revealed to still be alive seconds before the end credits.) This concept is difficult to discuss without giving away the plot or spoilers. This film sets up a sequel that looks to be a completely different film and one that I do want to watch.

The special effects of this film are pretty solid for a independent horror film. I was supprised the tornado looked as real as it did without spending the films entire budget. There are shortcuts around some of the gorier scenes, likely due to budget constraints and the sound mix is off a bit so you'll find yourself going back in several scenes. The Redbox DVD does have English and Spanish subtitles on the disc. I really do wish Redbox had used the original movie poster for Nailbiter. This film would have been much scarier keeping the audience unsure of the threat facing the Maguire family. Does anyone know if they really make muzzles for children?
Most of the actors in the film have worked together in the past, all from the Kansas or Missouri area. The main character, Jennifer Maguire played by Meg Sarick is strong in the role as the oldest daughter. Meg has an on screen presence similar to a young Shawnee Smith. Joicie Appell as Ms. Shuman, pleasant and affable with a secret bubbling below her congenial persona making her an effective secondary villain.

Overall: For just the disturbing factor and tension, this film does work well on its own, however feels like an incomplete film in that the story line is not resolved by film's end. The possibility of a sequel and the avenues Nailbiter might take are intriguing enough to check this film out.7/10

Final Verdict: Worth a Redbox rental

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  1. The movie was awful! I have seen countless horror movies, and this one was very slow-paced and not that scary. It's not even worth a free redbox rental. I am easily entertained, but Nailbiter was brutally boring!

  2. Duh... ever heard of sequels?

  3. Those who didn't appreciate it (I was ticked at the end too) are probably of the generation me crowd that don't know GOOD movies and just want instant gratification. While I would have preferred the sequel to have come out tomorrow and I despise gloomy ends, I really liked this movie for it's legit attempt at being suspense driven. Universally we fear the unknown and yet you can't never see the monster/threat etc and they did this really well. Until the end when I think they could have had another hour and a half only with a bit more Gore and ass kickery.


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