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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Ouijia Experiment

Another Gem out of the Indie film scene of Dallas, Texas

Redbox Synopsis: A group of friends decide to record their Ouija board experiment, but when the spirits turn deadly, the friends find themselves haunted. In the hope that it that might save their lives, the friends rush to destroy the board before it kills them.(not rated, 92 minutes, closed captions)

Today's film The Ouija Experiment was filmed entirely in Dallas, Texas, my home city. Shorter, spoiler free review for this one. Review, rating and award after the fold

Like most found footage horror films, there is always the realistic factor leaving audiences scratching their heads. "Why wouldn't they drop the camera?" "If one character doesn't believe; why doesn't the other show him the tape?" "Why are all the characters filming this?" If you are a fan of the genre, you should know by now there are no answers, the questions exist because they must to make the narrative hold. As a horror fan, you learn not to ask questions, just enjoy the ride.

If you haven't been burned out on the found footage horror genre by now, The Ouija Experiment is a solid indie horror film. The story-line moves well and the 'twist' is neither telegraphed or unbelievable unlike most contemporary horror films of today. The dialog was mostly improvised and while that style can result in clunky dialog at times, the cast is talented enough at improv to create endearing characters. Watching from that standpoint, what Ouija Experiment more than made up what it lacked in tight dialog with pure charm. While the entire cast is all likable; Justin Armstrong is a standout. 

As with most found-footage horror, there is a natural unease as the audience has no peripheral and limited sense of space and Ouija Experiment maximizes that effect with great lighting and impressive CGI (especially for a low budget film, made on a $1,000 dollar budget) to intensify creepiness and tension. Though Redbox claims the film has captions, it does not, however the sound is above average for an indie film, making the captions unnecessary.

Hott Hottness Award: Today's Hott Hottness Award for The Ouija Experiment goes to Belmarie Huynh for her role as the cute and bubley but extremely jealous girlfriend, Shay.
I assume this is how she spells her name and Shay isn't credited on the film's IMDB page at the time of this post, but she is in the films ending credits

Belmarie is cute and bubbly and played Shay perfectly. She doesn't have a Twitter and couldn't find a website, so here's some screenshots
And here is what she looks like in a towel (Sorry guys, no nudity at all in this film-well from the ladies anyway)
Belmarie is a relative newcomer, but does have a role in a film called Skunk-Ape Hunters in Texas that is definitely a movie with a title I want to see. Congrats to Belmarie Huynh on her first ever Hott Hottness Award!

Overall:  The Ouija Experiment is a solid indie horror film with a unique narrative for film of the genre. he film. While not groundbreaking, OE ramps up the tension perfectly, has good jump scares and creepiness and does what a good horror film is supposed to do; entertain. I was into this film from start to finish and jumped way too often. If you haven't been burned out on the found footage horror genre by now, The Ouija Experiment is definitely worth a Redbox Rental. 8/10

Final Verdict: I'd rent that for a dollar!

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  1. Actually might be worth a look....enjoyed the trailer....well done review Dan

  2. Shame the girls don;t get naked... looks like a good film though


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